Forget the reality for a moment

Vampire escape game in the Prague underground

Prague Karlín

A tomb of a 19th century nobleman

60 minutes to escape

Open from Monday till Sunday

Escape games (or exit games, exit rooms, trap rooms) are nowadays very popular kind of free time entertainment. Their popularity is increasing every day. It is suitable for families, friends, colleagues or as a part of teambuilding. To finish it successfully you do not need any special abilities or great physical condition. You just have to be sharp and use your common sense. The age of players can be limited or children presentation can by allowed only with the company of an adult. But in general we can say that children from the age of twelve will enjoy the game as well.

So what is it all about? Basically you are entered to a room and you have a time limit (mostly 60 minutes) to get out. The space is full of padlocks, hasps, safes or sophisticated mechanisms and it is only up to you to find keys, codes and resolve the puzzles to uncover step by step secret of the place. Mostly you have to accomplish some main quests as well, which is introduced to you in a short briefing before the game itself by a room master.

Escape games are growing like a weed. There are various themes so everyone can find one. Starting on fairy-taleish themes, continuing with neutral games with a wartime subject, you can be right hand of some detective, discovering laboratories and many other. The most popular are kind of scary rooms connected with some paranormal activities, ghosts, murders, abandoned houses or vampire´s nest.